What Is Your Favourite Subject?

“What was your favourite subject at school”? A password reminder question. Mine were Art and Politics. Looks like an unusual combination, but the idea of “Art is Politics, Politics is Art” is not new. I never liked Science subjects, I can never understand the philosophy lies in Mathematics or the thrills one can get from studying human organs. Physics and Chemistry were two of my weakest subjects. Luckily, we could choose our favourite subjects at A-levels under the British education system, and we could also forward our interests to turn it into a degree in xxx.

Perhaps Physics and Chemistry were two of my weakest subjects. Surprisingly, when I grow up, I feel they are still two of my weakest subjects in life. Note here, not “subject”(noun. a branch of knowledge studied or taught in a school, college or university), but “subject”(noun. a person or thing that is being discussed, described or dealt with. Synonyms: matter, issue, concern)….

I feel in life, I’ve been not so good at physics (noun.the physical properties and phenomena of something), hardly experience chemistry (noun. the complex emotional or psychological interaction between people); even I would like to show off my art skills, such as the art of sales, the art of pursuation or the art of seduction, a lot of times I failed painfully. I only get used to see things from a political view (Thanks to my BA Political Science degree), I enjoy observing power relations (perhaps this was because the first lesson I had at university was “Power”, not because I had a crush on Tony Blair, and fantasized about him when I was young).

Shall we use “What was your favourite subject” as a question to remind us what you think is the most important thing in human relations? Your password for finding the right one, the right path, the life that could fulfill yourself?

Then, “chemistry” can only sustain affections that are not going to last for ages, “physics” can only remain  a relationship on a sexual level. Once, someone asks me “if we have chemistry, why you need to look for other men?” Babe, chemistry makes me look at you now, but it’s not enough for me to look at you forever. Remember there are also micro-economics, macro-economics and domestic politics to concern. Who rules, how to rule and what’s the rule? We need to combine all those factors together. Taken the joint subjects of politics and physics, in a democratic regime, we enjoy our equality and the freedom of express ourselves; in a totalitarian state, we could one be the “master”, the other be the “slave”. Democratic regime is the best one to have at your living rooms, totalitarian system could be more fun to have in your bedrooms (we know the first line of our Chinese national rhythm is “Get up! people who don’t want to be slaves”, no in the bedroom, we shall sing “get up! if you want to be my slave!”). Anarchy is also good, but could result as a mess.

When we are young and wild, we could just concentrate on one or two subjects, or have fun with different ones  that each could offer you the best tuition and expression in a chosen subject you concern. Eventually, we all want to settle down and get married. Truth is both men and women would evaluate the other person’s performance/talents in all those subjects rather than “recruiting” her or him because they are the specialists in one are. Tho each of us has a different standard to weigh up which is more important and which ones we could compromise.

Even when we are choosing a career, we are weight up those “subject”-Chemistry: do I love this job from our heart? Physics: Can I stand the long working hours? Economics: Money! Politics and Sociology: does it give me the social status and offer me the social aspect I want? Psychology: Will I gone mental? Will my boss drives me crazy? (LOL) Art: would it stimulate my talents?

Therefore, I think in education, we could succeed if we choose to be a specialist in one area, the area that you are really passionate about or really good at. Whereas in life, we need to concern more than one subject when we choose a partner, a career or whatever. The selection process is never a one-way system, so it’s better to try to be a jack of all trades without being a master of none.